Who we are

Renova Fort Ross Foundation has been dedicated to promoting the preservation and raising awareness of California’s Fort Ross State Historic Park, an important milestone of friendship between the United States and Russia. The Foundation was formed by Renova Group of Companies in 2010 to provide much needed assistance to California State Parks and organizations dedicated to Fort Ross.

With a group of seasoned professionals we are working hard towards providing continued support to Fort Ross and towards creating mechanisms for a sustainable future for this important and symbolic site of US-Russian heritage.

Do we make a difference

The Foundation has been an ardent supporter of Fort Ross in a variety of ways. It has underwritten significant programs, funded restoration and infrastructure projects, and financed related initiatives, to include logistic and administrative support. Check out our projects page to see the impact of our work.

What we do

  • Create new avenues of positive and long-term development for Fort Ross.
  • Repair and restore historic infrastructure.
  • Enhance awareness of Fort Ross in community, cultural and policy circles.
  • Advance programs between US and Russian children and youth.
  • Take an active role in cultural initiatives, conferences and events.
  • Educate members of community and international youth on Fort Ross heritage and its legacy.

Why is it important

Having been around for two centuries – in 2012 it celebrated its Bicentennial! – Fort Ross has been bringing together people from all parts of the world and across geographical borders, religious beliefs and political preferences. Helping to preserve its unique past builds a foundation for your safer, more peaceful and much enriched future for our children.

The fact that such an exceptional historic object like Fort Ross is located here interested me. The arrival of Russians on the west coast of the United States as early as the beginning of the 18th century ... is significant, interesting and symptomatic.
— Viktor Vekselberg, Chairman of the Board

What We've Achieved

Since its establishment in 2010, Renova Fort Ross Foundation has achieved quite a bit. Over the past years we have provided much needed versatile assistance to Fort Ross and have supported its leadership and staff. We have underwritten a wide range of outreach and capacity building programs, events and informative conferences, funded repairs and restoration of the park’s infrastructure, and supported a number of important cultural, educational and environmental initiatives.

  • Rotchev House Roof replacement and stabilization of the original structure
  • Fort Ross Historic Orchard restoration, stabilization and long-term protection
  • Fort Ross Windmill logistical support and annual maintenance
  • Visitor Center improvements and upgrades;
  • Stanford US-Russia Forum annual Fort Ross trip
  • Environmental Living Program and Marine Ecology Program support
  • Fort Ross Festival and Harvest Festival support and administrative assistance
  • Children's art and literary contests, conferences and seminars funding
  • For more information, click here