Since 2010 our work with Fort Ross has resulted in a myriad of meaningful projects, international exchanges, cultural and scientific initiatives, annual festivals, conferences and more. Throughout all this time we have looked for new opportunities that bring positive change to Fort Ross and the world around it. We've accomplished a lot but much more can be done. We turn to YOU - for your input, questions, ideas and feedback.

Earlier this year our Chairman, Victor Vekselberg, personally signed each and every card for all 2017 Stanford US-Russia Forum delegates, offering his words of encouragement, support and gratitude for the efforts and new ideas those students were bringing to and from Fort Ross. We felt it important to share this momentum further, to spread this spirit of innovation and forward thinking, to show dedication and to encourage others to listen. 

And so we asked these SURF delegates answer one simple question :"Why is it important to know and learn about history?" We wanted to see what matters to the next generation and why they connect to history and Fort Ross in particular.

Here are some of the thoughts the delegates shared while talking about history and their Fort Ross experience


So many voices and we'd like to hear YOURS!