Here's just a glimpse at the work we do to support Fort Ross and its heritage.

Restoration of historic Fort Ross

  • Financed roof replacement and wall stabilization for the only historic original structure at Fort Ross, Rotchev House.
  • Provided comprehensive funding for three stages of restoration, stabilization and long-term protection of the original historic Fort Ross orchard.
  • Together with the Link of Times Foundation, created and gifted a full-size replica of a historic windmill to Fort Ross. Secured ongoing maintenance and funding.
  • Secured a full array of essential church utensils for Fort Ross Chapel services, produced, assembled and shipped directly from Russia.
  • Provided support to restore and stabilize the original Fort Ross water well.
  • Enhanced Fort Ross visibility by financing the manufacturing and replacement of Fort Ross signage.
  • Improved and upgraded the interior and functionality of Fort Ross’ Visitors Center, to include the museum and visitor auditorium space, on-site store, event kitchen, on-site and online archival digital library.

Media and outreach initiatives

  • Celebrated Fort Ross’ 200th anniversary by gathering influential state and governmental leaders, business and cultural elites of US and Russia to raise awareness of Fort Ross. Co-created a feature presentation Dedication to Fort Ross with the Mariinsky Orchestra and Abamedia.
  • Supported the publishing of books dedicated to Fort Ross and Russian America.  Provided assistance to creating an iPad application on Russian California featuring Fort Ross, available on iTunes.
  • Organized international art and literary contests to spread awareness of Fort Ross and get younger generations involved worldwide.
  • Provided financial and logistical support for international conferences dedicated to Fort Ross and Russian history in California.

A lovely lyrical film dedicated to Fort Ross State Historic Park, set to Tchaikovsky's Sympony No 4 performed by the Mariinsky Orchestra of St Petersburg, Russia.

Educational and exchange programs

  • Created and financed a series of annual student experiences at Fort Ross for Stanford US-Russia Forum delegates.
  • Provided support for the launch of the program to monitor sea mammals and other marine life for the middle and high school California students.
  • Supported a unique hands-on program for students interested in Fort Ross where they can learn of and experience the life at Fort Ross, the way it used to be.
  • Assisted in and funded the Irkutsk Fort Ross Club’s exciting visit to Fort Ross in 2012.

Cultural events

  • Financed the creation of historically accurate re-enactment costumes, supply of special event equipment, special training for staff and volunteers, as well as brought world-class performers such as the Pyatnitsky Choir and Sibirskaya Vechora Russian folk ensemble, Saint Petersburg Horn Orchestra and others to perform at Fort Ross.
  • Provided full funding and widened programming for Fort Ross Harvest Festival, to include artisanal VIP luncheon and wine tasting, windmill turning and stimulating presentations at the newly restored historic orchard.



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