A Tale of Fort Ross

Yay, the day is nearly here! Our first bilingual children's book "A Tale of Fort Ross", inspired by a true story in Russian-American history, is coming out in just a few short months. Here is a little preview of what you can look forward to:

"A Tale of Fort Ross is the story of Alexander, who hails from a happy family and grows up to become a famous merchant. Alexander meets Ivan from northern Russia, and the two embark on a journey over the seas to America. They love the land and build a settlement named Ross, with windmills, a fur trade, and a bountiful orchard. There they befriend the native peoples and lay a foundation for conservation, science, and peaceful coexistence. You will enjoy this enchanting tale, and its message of friendship and the spirit of exploration."

Historic Fort Ross, situated on California’s beautiful northern Sonoma coast, speaks to the harmonious coexistence among Russian settlers and native peoples in the early nineteenth century. Inspired, the Renova Fort Ross Foundation hosted an international competition for a children’s tale about Fort Ross. From seventy submissions, this work, written by Maria Viryasova, a young Russian author, emerged as a favorite. Russian artist and illustrator Vera Belius infused the tale with folkloric imagery featuring historically accurate Russian dress, ornamentation and daily life patterns.

We listened to all of your comments and feedback and a new edited version of the book will be available soon for a preview. Thank you!