Fort Ross Festival


July 29, 2017, Fort Ross State Historic Park will welcome thousands of visitors from near and far to join in its annual festivities and to celebrate common cultural heritage. The Festival, sponsored by Renova Fort Ross Foundation, has brought together more than 300 volunteers who will coordinate the day's busy schedule. Kashia, Russian, Alaska Native, and early Ranch communities will bring their own flavor and offer musical performances, crafts, games, educational talks and historic activities. Irkutsk -Fort Ross Club and the winners of Fort Ross Quest, who travelled from Russia specifically for the Festival will provide live demonstrations, plein air workshops and art exhibits.

"We are proud to be involved year after year and to support the biggest community event organized by Fort Ross Conservancy", said Olga Miller, director of the Renova Fort Ross Foundation. "It offers a unique opportunity for cultural and international exchange, brings people together and breaks preconceived notions. People come here from all over the world for the fun, soulful and overall unique experience."

This year's event performance line-up is most impressive: San Francisco Balalaika Ensemble, Children's Ensemble Zabavushka, Slavyanka Chorus,  Dolina, Kedry, Kitka and Kashia Pomo traditional Su Nu Nu Shinal dancing will be performed at various locations throughout the Park. A beer garden and international food bazaar is a must after a busy day in the compound, along with horse and carriage rides that provide entertainment for the youngest visitors and their parents.

Just a two-hour ride from San Francisco through a viticultural landscape, along the beautiful Pacific Coast, Fort Ross State Historic Park, with over 200 years of history, sits among tall redwoods, green meadows, turquoise bluff and abundant land and sea life underlining the importance of equilibrium of all cultures.

The Renova Fort Ross Foundation is a public charitable foundation established in 2010 by the Renova Group of Companies, a leading Russian business group, to provide support to California's Fort Ross State Historic Park. The Foundation's mission is to promote preservation and to raise awareness of Fort Ross.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Olga Miller

Director, Renova Fort Ross Foundation

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I Love Fort Ross Contest

Earlier this spring Renova Fort Ross Foundation hosted a photo contest. Below are the rules that all of the participants had to follow.

"Share your best pics of Fort Ross and its surroundings
on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook April 1 through April 7 using hashtag #iLoveFortRoss for a chance to win an Apple iPad Mini, which comes with a screen protector and case. Make sure to tag Renova Fort Ross Foundation. The winning photo will be announced, showcased on our digital platforms and auctioned off at our Spring Fundraiser, to benefit Fort Ross children and youth programs. Make a difference and share your Fort Ross. 
Important! Post photos from April 1st through April 7th. 
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From all the photos posted in social media for our #iLoveFortRoss contest Elena Rodina was chosen (original photo was posted on our Instagram account). Elena took her picture through a sea shell. How creative! All of the ptotos submitted to the contest can be seen on our instagram and facebook accounts.

Winning photo by Elena Rodina.jpg
Thank you, Renova Fort Ross Foundation, for this opportunity. Visiting Fort Ross was an amazing and unforgettable experience, thanks to the beauty and special atmosphere of this place, as well as the warm welcome from the people who work there. Staff member and volunteers at Fort Ross were so incredibly generous in sharing their enthusiasm and deep knowledge of this historic place. I look forward to coming back.
— Elena Rodina

Fort Ross Historic Orchard

We are proud and excited that the Fort Ross Historic Orchard is thriving. A dear and important project that we have had a privilege to support. 

Please make sure to visit it and enjoy a picnic in a shade of a tree. It is a peaceful and emotional place with lots of memories made and even more to be made.

Have a look at this video from our friends and partners of Fort Ross Conservancy to learn more.

Orchard in bloom.JPG

A Tale of Fort Ross

A Tale of Fort Ross

Historic Fort Ross, situated on California’s beautiful northern Sonoma coast, speaks to the harmonious coexistence among Russian settlers and native peoples in the early nineteenth century. Inspired, the Renova Fort Ross Foundation hosted an international competition for a children’s tale about Fort Ross. From seventy submissions, this work, written by Maria Viryasova, a young Russian author, emerged as a favorite. Russian artist and illustrator Vera Belius infused the tale with folkloric imagery featuring historically accurate Russian dress, ornamentation and daily life patterns.


A Tale of Fort Ross is the story of Alexander, who hails from a happy family and grows up to become a famous merchant. Alexander meets Ivan from northern Russia, and the two embark on a journey over the seas to America. They love the land and build a settlement named Ross, with windmills, a fur trade, and a bountiful orchard. There they befriend the native peoples and lay a foundation for conservation, science, and peaceful coexistence. Enjoy this enchanting tale, and its message of friendship and the spirit of exploration.