Fort Ross is a State Historic Park in the state of CA, a former Russia settlement, a beautiful and unique place of understated substance and history. Located 80 miles north of San Francisco it proves to be a destination point and a hidden gem – a quiet place filled with history, an extraordinary ambiance and nearly untouched natural beauty.

Why Fort Ross?

Fort Ross is an unmatched example of cross-cultural cooperation.  It provides a unique vantage point for understanding the motivation of the Russians who first made contact with Americans, Indians, Spaniards and other notable peoples on the U.S. mainland and introduced to the area shipbuilding and windmills, natural science, agriculture and conservation practices.

Why Now?

Fort Ross is a place where people of all nationalities, beliefs, cultures and customs feel connected and at home. It is important to keep this connection alive at the modern society across geographical borders, religious and political preferences,

Being a part of Fort Ross legacy is being a part of global peace, humanity and environment movement.



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